SAFIRE Metadata Respository

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[   ] edugain-consuming.xml 2024-07-18 10:04 57M SAFIRE Service Providers consuming eduGAIN IdPs [   ] edugain-sirtfi-consuming.xml 2024-07-18 10:05 11M SAFIRE Service Providers consuming Sirtfi-compliant eduGAIN IdPs [   ] safire-edugain.xml 2024-07-18 10:03 395K SAFIRE Participants into eduGAIN [   ] safire-hub-metadata.xml 2024-07-18 10:03 27K SAFIRE Federation Hub [   ] safire-idp-proxy-metadata.xml 2024-07-18 10:03 272K SAFIRE IdP Proxies [   ] safire-metadata.crt 2023-01-11 11:43 1.3K SAFIRE Metadata Signing Certificate [   ] safire-prod-idp.xml 2024-07-18 10:05 315K [   ] safire-prod-sp.xml 2024-07-18 10:05 310K

Please see for information about the correct metadata feed for your purpose.

This is SAFIRE's metadata repository. It contains various metadata feeds, servicing different operational tasks. Some of them serve internal purposes, whereas others are intended for inter- or intra-federation. Whilst the metadata is made freely available to assist with debugging, you should not make assumptions about what each of the feeds is intended for.

This metadata is published without warranty. Metadata is used at the consumer's risk.